Who We Are


Iowa Community Foundations are nonprofit organizations established to meet the current and future needs of our local communities. We are trusted and valuable resources to individuals, families, and their professional advisors.   


Iowa Community Foundations are cooperative and collaborative organizations working together to build local philanthropy with a focus on creating endowments for the long-term benefit of our individual communities' charitable projects and programs.


Community foundations across Iowa work together to create a statewide presence educating the public and interested persons on the value and role that community foundations play in Iowa; however, "Iowa Community Foundations" is not a separate nonprofit organization but rather a network of organizations coordinated by the Iowa Council of Foundations working together to encourage community foundation philanthropy.  Collectively, nearly 1,500 Iowans volunteer their time and energy in the community foundation movement right here in Iowa.


There is so much more we'd like you to know.  For more information please contact your local community foundation