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    :: September 1, 2010

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Montgomery County Endowment Fund Changes Name to the Montgomery County Community Foundation

In an effort to reflect its growth as a charitable organization, Montgomery County Endowment Fund (MCEF) working in partnership with the Red Oak Heritage Foundation announced that it's changing its name to the Montgomery County Community Foundation (MCCF).


The Montgomery County Community Foundation, which originated in 1998, reflects the diversity of the communities it serves in its planning, decision-making and grant making. Over the past decade, The MCCF has broadened its scope. The new name will reflect on the work the Foundation is doing throughout Montgomery County. In addition to providing mission clarity, the new name will allow the MCCF to highlight how it benefits grant recipients, donors and the county at large. Moreover, The Montgomery County Community Foundation will continue to function as one of the nine regional foundations affiliated with the Omaha Community Foundation.


"As the community foundation in Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Community Foundation is more relevant to our county than ever before," said Scott Sunderman, former Chair. "We are a leader in working with individuals, businesses, governmental bodies, and nonprofit organizations, helping them to achieve their philanthropic goals with confidence and sophistication."


MCCF stimulates philanthropy and enhances the quality of life in the county through accumulating, managing and disbursing grant funds. Geographically focused community foundations formerly known as The Endowment Funds of Southwest Iowa are now the Community Foundations of Southwest Iowa, consisting of the Audubon County Community Foundation, the Cass County Community Foundation, the Crawford County Community Foundation, the Fremont County Community Foundation, the Harrison County Community Foundation, the Mills County Community Foundation, the Montgomery County Community Foundation, the Page County Community Foundation, and the Shelby County Community Foundation.


"I am very excited that the MCCF is positioned for great growth for the future through the formation of our new name," said Sunderman. "The Montgomery County Community Foundation enables donors of all types to achieve the essence of community impact more quickly through our flexible approach for building stronger communities."


MCCF offers a wide array of charitable products and services. They include:

  • Funds - can be created by individuals, businesses, financial institutions, charitable organizations, probate courts, and private foundations; funds can make grants to charitable organizations or provide scholarships.
  • Charitable Trusts and Annuities - provides income to charitable beneficiaries
  • Fund Management Services - provides a proven and ready-made structure
  • Grant making services - assist donors with their grant making goals

The foundation's expertise in managing charitable funds has helped its assets grow from a $50,000 challenge grant from the Southwest Iowa Foundation in 1998 to more than $700,000 today, all for charitable benefit of the county. In 2008, more than $90,000 in grants and scholarships was made in support of charitable programs. Eleven named funds have been established within The Montgomery County Community Foundation since 1998.


Support a cause you care about with a gift to one of the MCCF's many charitable funds or by starting a fund of your own. To learn more information about the Montgomery County Community Foundation, contact any of the board members Chair, Dennis D. Bloom, Esq. of Red Oak; Vice Chair, Bruce Swanson, Esq. of Red Oak; Secretary/Treasurer, Marty Barnett of Red Oak; Mickey Anderson of Stanton; Christine Johnson of Red Oak; Deana Lewis of Elliott; James Norris of Red Oak; Barbara Reisinger of Red Oak; Donna Robinson of Villisca, or Dennis N. Nissen, Iowa Foundations Director, at or 800-794-3458.