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    :: September 1, 2010

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Our mission is to foster private giving, strengthen service providers and improve conditions of our communities. To these ends, the Foundation will promote endowment building, community, grantmaking, organizational collaboration, and public leadership for the benefit of Hancock County.


The Hancock County Foundation was formed in 2005 as an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. The founding members of the organization had a vision to ensure that our communities' charitable programs were supported now and in the future. We work together with many individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to establish endowment funds that will provide grant awards for years to come.


 The Hancock County Foundation is governed by a local board of directors who are active in their respective community.


Members of the board of directors are:

Howard Parrott, Garner - President

Amanda Fritz, Garner - Vice President

Dixie Revland, Goodell - Secretary/Treasurer

Dave Abele, Klemme - Director

Ray Bassett, Kanawha - Director

Phil Garland, Garner (Ex-Officio)

Marcia Simpson, Woden - Director

Sharon Hankins, Corwith - Director

Sharon Gourley, Corwith - Director

Pete Gau, Crystal Lake - Director

Sioux Lawton, Garner - Director

Rob Willms, Britt - Director


Learn More To learn more about the Hancock County Foundation we invite you to download our informational brochure. And, for additional information please contact us by clicking here.


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