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    :: September 1, 2010

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grant information

The Davis County Community Foundation is here to help our community's charitable projects and programs contribute to the quality of life in our area. One of the ways that is done is through grantmaking. The community foundation currently has a grant cycle- the application deadline is November 1.


The Davis County Community Foundation accepts grant applications from charitable projects and programs impacting a wide range of needs in the community- arts and culture, health, human services, community betterment, historic preservation, etc.  Click here to view the most recent 2015 grant award recipients. 


We do not fund:


Demographics outside Davis County area


Debt reduction or Budget shortfall

Politics/causes Religious purposes (this does not exclude grants to religious organizations for non-religious purposes)

Equipment, unless it is essential for the program

On-going expenses




Organizations interested in applying for grants from the Davis County Community Foundation are invited to download the grant application:


Download the grant application here. The grant application will only be available electronically. 



Grant Recipients

Organizations that receive grant awards from the Davis County Community Foundation are required to submit a complete report of their project to the foundation board. Recipients need to acknowledge to the public that their project was supported in part by the Davis County Community Foundation. 


Download here the Grant Report Evaluation Form for Grants from the Davis County Community Foundation.