Endowing Iowa. For Good. For Ever.



Field of Interest Endowment - Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa

Brett Bergstrom died in 1993 at the too-young age of 20, but his kindness and ideals are being remembered in ways that will help others for generations to come. Brett's father, Bob, established the fund to honor his son's legacy by providing grant funding to projects that benefit the environment and youth, as well as building programs. "Working through the Foundation is a natural choice for many who do not have the wherewithal to establish memorials on their own from scratch," he said.



Agency Endowment - Ida County Community Betterment Foundation (an affiliate of the Siouxland Community Foundation)

Richard Bogue was an avid runner for years; "I was really strong about exercising until I had a stroke. It's probably why I'm still here." His dedication to healthy living and fitness, as well as his loyalty to Ida Grove, spurred him to make a donation to jump-start the Ida Grove Community Recreation Center Endowment Fund at the Ida County Community Betterment Foundation.



Campbell Supply Company

Designated Endowments - Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation (an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines)

When brothers John and Jim Campbell started Campbell Supply Company in 1963, they believed that as the company prospered, so should their community of Iowa Falls. The desire to make an impact led the company to establish two designated endowment funds at the Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation; "The hope is that the endowed funds will go well on into the future, outliving the people and sometimes even the companies that give," said Jim Gillespie, the company's vice president.



Unrestricted Endowment - Bremer County Community Foundation (an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa)

To honor the legacy of the late James Corson as well as the community in which the Kaiser Corson Funeral Home operated, the family established the Corson Family Quality of Life Fund at the Bremer County Community Foundation. "We wanted to give back to the community that we love," said Steve Corson, who with his brothers runs Kaiser Corson Funeral Homes today. "We wanted to make sure we keep this wonderful place we call home prospering for generations to come."




Designated (Scholarship) Endowment - Fort Dodge Community Foundation & United Way

Pharmacist John Daniel, Jr., owner of Daniel Pharmacy in Fort Dodge, cares deeply about his profession and his community. In order to address both of those concerns he and his wife established an endowment at the Fort Dodge Community Foundation & United Way that funds scholarships for local graduating high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy. "We wanted to reach out and provide that little push," said John.



Unrestricted Endowment - Community Foundation of North Lee County (an affiliate of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend)

A few years ago, Merlin Hellman decided that the best way to help his hometown of Houghton was to challenge it. As he thought of making a donation, "it occurred to me. why not make it a challenge gift?" He established an unrestricted endowment fund at the Community Foundation of North Lee County and Houghton residents stepped up leveraging more than four times his challenge gift.




Unrestricted Endowment - Madrid Community Endowment Fund (an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines)

Before he died, Russell Helms wanted to find a way that would both honor his farming heritage- his family had owned a century farm since 1902- as well as help the community of Madrid prosper in the future. That desire led Russell and his wife, Patricia, to donate 83 acres to the Madrid Community Endowment Fund through a term certain life estate. Russell, who died in 2008 at the age of 85, wanted the gift to be "useful to the entire community," said Patricia. "That's the hope."



Donor Advised Endowment - Allamakee County Community Foundation (an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque)

Growing up on a farm just outside Waukon, Ray Hermeier credits Waukon High School for giving him a solid education that eventually led to an undergraduate degree in math and both master's and doctorate degrees in psychology. Today, Ray helps some of the current students at Waukon High School through a donor advised endowment he established at the Allamakee County Community Foundation. When he hears about the students who benefit from the funds he says "it's very gratifying."



Unrestricted Endowment - Community Foundation of the Great River Bend

So many needs, too few resources. That's what Eda Hofmann sees when she looks around the Quad Cities. Instead of trying to figure it all out on their own, she and her husband Bill decided to turn to the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend where they established an unrestricted endowment. She says that instead of giving small sums of money to a lot of different organizations, she'd rather give one gift that can help many causes in perpetuity.




Unrestricted Endowment - Hawarden Community Foundation (an affiliate of the Siouxland Community Foundation)

Although the late Charles and Edna Horton didn't have any kids of their own, they cared deeply about the welfare of children and the long-term support of their community of Hawarden. Charles, who was a bookkeeper for Burlington Gravel in Hawarden, decided to establish an endowment because of the permanent nature of the fund. "He wanted to get the most bang for the buck," said Chuck Haugland, the couple's attorney. "He liked the idea of perpetuity; he wanted the gift to keep going, and growing, forever."



Designated Endowment - Cass County Community Foundation (an affiliate of the Omaha Community Foundation)

The late Yulon and Roy Jahnke lived quiet, unassuming lives in Lewis, a town of 450 people in southwest Iowa. Even though they didn't have any children of their own, the enjoyed having jobs where they could influence the lives of young people; Roy was a bus driver and custodian for the school district and Yulon was an elementary teacher. Though the lived modestly, they established a designated endowment with the Cass County Community Foundation to benefit the Hitchcock House, a National Historic Landmark that was a stop on the Underground Railroad.



Designated (and Scholarship) Endowment - Siouxland Community Foundation

Pericles, the famous ancient Greek statesman, believed that immortality is achieved "not by what is engraved in stone monuments, but by what is woven into the lives of others." Inspired by that idea, Colin and Pokey Jensen of Sioux City established five endowments at the Siouxland Community Foundation. "What we're really excited about is the fact that the things we're interested in will keep going foeward even after we're gone," says Colin, the retired president of the Irving F. Jensen Co.



Designated (Scholarship) Endowment - Community Foundation of Marshall County (an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa)

The late Harold and Mercedes Cessford spent decades building their business and when their daughter, Heidi Krabbe, sold the company she wanted to make sure they weren't forgotten; "I wanted to keep their legacy alive." So she established an endowment in their honor at the Community Foundation of Marshall County that provides scholarships. "Both of my parents always saw tremendous potential in young people and wanted to give them the opportunity to make something of their lives," said Heidi.



Designated Endowment - Community Foundation of Johnson County

Steve Weeber's deep roots and keen interest in preserving history spurred he and his wife Jan to establish a designated endowment at the Community Foundation of Johnson County to benefit the Johnson County Historical Society in Coralville. "Preservation of history is important- at lot of kids today don't know where their families are from, even their grandparents. We want to make sure that [the Johnson County Historical Society] keeps going," Steve said.



Designated Endowment - Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation (an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa)

Tula Zanios of Mason City grew up on a small farm in Arkansas, where her Greek immigrant parents and six siblings struggled to get by. Those early hardships inspired Tula to devote her life to serving others. "From those experiences, she got a sense of what you need to do to support others and your community," said Jamie Zanios, Tula's son. When she turned 90 in 2008, she decided what she wanted to do most was help the Community Kitchen of North Iowa where she had been a volunteer since 1982. So, she established a designated endowment in to benefit the Community Kitchen in perpetuity.



Donor Advised Endowment - Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

The busy parents of three children, Joe and Teri Zuccaro of Dubuque didn't let the demands of parenthood and careers stop them from investing in the future of their community; they established a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque allowing them and their children to remain involved in grantmaking. "We wanted to pass this idea of giving to our children," said Teri. "We wanted to teach them that what you get back is so much more than what you give."