Duncan J. Cameron Family Foundation Fund

Duncan J. Cameron Family Foundation Fund, at the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend

"I believe in giving back.


My grandpa was a huge, huge influence in my life. It was through him, and my Dad, that I learned my sense of compassion.


I still remember a particular car ride with my grandpa. I was just a tiny little kid, and we passed this big, old, rusty car. I laughed at the condition of it. My grandpa smiled gently and said that we should never criticize other people's possessions - we should help others in need. I never forgot that day, and I started giving back to my community as soon as I could.


Unfortunately, my Dad and grandpa passed away when I was quite young. It was then that I turned to the Boy Scouts and the Lutheran Church for inspiration.


I've gone on to teach my five daughters what my family, the scouts, and the church have taught me - especially the importance of charitable giving. How can you build a bigger and better community if you don't encourage every generation to get involved?


My gift to the Community Foundation is my largest gift to date. I felt it was only fitting to make the gift at the time of the sale of my business, Vanguard Distributing Co., because I wanted to give back to the community that helped me become successful.


And I chose the Community Foundation to give my money through because it was the best opportunity to give to the most people possible. The Foundation will help me get the biggest bang for my charitable dollar.


Word about my gift has traveled quickly - I've received countless letters, phone calls, and e-mails complimenting my action. I appreciate the correspondence - some of it has even brought tears to my eyes - but my ultimate hope is that my giving will inspire others to do the same.


I'm not retired yet, . just between businesses right now. I plan to purchase and build up another business as I did Vanguard, and then in 20 years I'll be able to give another substantial gift like this one."


Duncan Cameron
Duncan J. Cameron Family Foundation Fund

Duncan's first gift through the Duncan J. Cameron Family Foundation Fund was a $600 grant to help Eagle Scout Award candidate Austin Burke complete a restoration project in Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Davenport.