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    :: September 1, 2010

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The Crawford County Community Foundation's grants and program Mission is to participate in funding community charitable projects and to assist nonprofit organizations with community charitable objectives. The Goal of the Crawford County Community Foundation grant program is to improve the quality of life in the County by supporting needs that are not being met in the areas of civic, cultural, health, education and social service.  The CCCF's Objective is to fund projects that will have a permanent impact for our County that people can take advantage of for many years.


NOTE: Applicants must download and read the Fact Sheet and FAQ pages before accessing the application form!  Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be considered.


NOTEPublic Libraries, Fire Departments, County Extension, County Conservation, Fair Boards, etc. are among those that require a Fiscal Sponsor.  In these cases, the City or the County Board of Supervisors may be used as a fiscal sponsor.

The Crawford County Community Foundation Spring 2017 grant program is now open for applications.  Approximately $114,600 will be available from the Crawford County Community Foundation for the Spring 2017 grant program.  The Crawford County Community foundation grant dollars are awarded for a single year.


Additional contact, correspondence, or site visits with Foundation staff and committee members, when necessary, will be conducted following preliminary review of proposals. 


PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND CAREFULLY READ THE FAQ/INSTRUCTION SHEET!  Click on the link below to access the form.

Crawford County Community Foundation Grant Program Fact Sheet.doc



  •  If You Applied For A Fall 2016 Grant, You Can Access The Spring 2017 Application Form With The Email And Password You Used To Create Your 2016 Account. 
  • If You Did NOT Apply For A Fall 2016 Grant, You Will Be Required To Create An Account By Clicking On The "New Applicant" Link Beneath The Log-In Box, Using Your Email And A Password Of Your Choice.  
  • After You Have Created An Account, You Will In The Future Also Be Able To Access Saved Applications And Requests Submitted For Past Grant Programs (Starting With The Fall 2016 Program).  However, You Will Not Be Able To Edit Those Applications.

Click on the following link to go to the online application form:

Crawford County Spring 2017 Grant Application


Grant evaluation reports must be completed and returned by the following deadlines.  For spring grant awards, the report is due December 31st of the same year.  For fall grant awards, the report is due May 31st of the following year. To complete the grant evaluation, follow the link below to open the form and download/save it to your computer.  It is a fillable PDF form and space is limited; therefore only brief, concise responses can be made. 

Grant Evaluation Form