Camp Shalom Endowment Fund


"It's about people who give of themselves.


Camp Shalom. Located near Maquoketa, Iowa, we're a Christian-centered outdoor ministry rich in learning, fun, and fellowship experiences that inspire people of all ages to be their best.


We're about love, acceptance, and responsibility. How are you interacting with others around you? Are you giving of your time? In essence, what we do has community impact. As we shape our youth in that way, we're going to have a stronger community.


We started out in 1976 as part of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Davenport, and for the next 20 years, served about 250 kids during eight weeks in the summer. We were small, and we had no vision on where we could go from there. We got to the point financially where we either needed to grow the camp, or sell. That's when we decided to open participation up to all denominations, and to open an Organization Fund with the Community Foundation as well.

We now offer activities year-round to more than a thousand Quad-City area youth, and many adults as well. And our Organization Fund is off to a good start, too.


Our endowment fund with the Community Foundation is the future of our camp. It will give us perpetual life. Not only is it a source of security, it will help us continue our creative programming so that we can always offer something new.


We realize that a lot of other camps, and organizations in general, have established endowment funds, but few ever do much with them. We are not going to be one of those organizations.


Our board and our supporters are very eager to make our fund work. We've established guidelines for what we want to do to for the camp, and we've established specific financial goals to get there.


Our fund is our insurance that Camp Shalom will be around forever to teach our youth how to give of themselves."


Rev. Eric Elkin
Executive Director
Camp Shalom