Affiliate Community Foundation Funds


Creating an investment vehicle for your local community.

By establishing an Affiliate Community Foundation Fund, your community is able to develop a vehicle to receive donations and bequests to benefit your community in perpetuity. By working with a host community foundation, this allows the affiliate community to focus on raising the funds and deciding charitable use for the income of their fund, while relying on the host community foundation to handle the administration, investment and the daily tasks to maintain their "foundation".


Waterville Community Foundation Fund

Building Waterville's Future. Today

After a hard day of work a longtime Waterville resident looked out over the fields and thought about all of the dollars that were heading out of his small town of 140 residents. So many young people from the area had left and the estates of their parents were close behind them- heading out of town and, in many cases, out of Iowa. What could be done to stop this trend and keep financial support in their community? What needed to be done to educate one another on the possibilities of philanthropy? All it took was one person in Waterville, Iowa to begin the conversations that helped to establish the Waterville Community Foundation Fund as an affiliate fund at the Community Foundation of Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Northeast Iowa. The hope is that this fund will inspire the thought of charitable giving in all people who have a love for Waterville.


From the first informational meeting there were half a dozen people who saw the possibilities and could foresee the broad vision. The small group soon decided that affiliating with the Community Foundation of Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Northeast Iowa would be the support mechanism they needed to get the fund established. The small committee worked hard to raise funds and, at times, the outcome looked bleak. But the community held on tight to the vision and soon the dollars started to find their way to the Waterville Community Foundation Fund. The ever-faithful Waterville Community Foundation Fund members contribute their time and efforts to making the fund work. Together they are connecting with the other residents of Waterville, their alumni and other individuals who have ties to this small community. Their goal is to build the assets of the Waterville Community Foundation Fund; their vision is to build Waterville's future.