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    :: September 1, 2010

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About Us

Our mission is to foster private giving, strengthen service providers, and improve the conditions throughout Calhoun County.


The Calhoun County Community Foundation was formed in 2005 as an affiliate of the Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way.  The founding members of the organization had a vision to ensure that our eleven communities and the Twin Lakes area charitable programs were supported now- and in the future.  We work together with many individuals, families, business, and organizations to establish endowment funds that will provide grant awards for years to come.


The Calhoun County Community Foundation is governed by a local board of directors who are active in their local communities.  Foundation Board members and alternates were selected by the local city councils or other governing board to represent their community. 


Current Board members and alternates include: Barb Gregg and Norma Morgan, Farnhamville; Lori Schaffer and Mary Ann Aden, Jolley; Richard Larsen Jr. and Barb Larsen, Knierim; Terry Watters and Katie Owens, Lake City; Marge Hobart and Pat Kevlin, Lohrville; Marvin Poppen and Paul Zeka, Manson; RK Welander and Leonard Olson, Pomeroy; Steve Miller and Jen Sibbit, Rinard; Cindy Voorde and Mary Richardson, Rockwell City; Steve Boedecker and Dick Jorgenson, Twin Lakes; Megan Hockemeier and Kendal Martin, Somers; and Pete Von Ahn and Jake Janssen, Yetter.  Serving as ex-officio members are Joyce Hammen and Linda Lauver, Co-Directors of Calhoun County Economic Development; and Jerry Chizek, Calhoun County Extension Education Director.


Please contact us if you would likea copy of the Calhoun County Community Foundation general brochure.