A Source of Strength and Stability


Three times a week, Wendell Pittman delivers meals to homebound senior citizens as a volunteer for Meals for Seniors. While the organization has benefited from volunteerism and community recognition for over a decade, it depended largely on small donations and lacked a more predictable funding source. "Our organization needed more reliable funding, but we had trouble accepting large or complex gifts," says Mary Lynch, Meals for Seniors' executive director. After talking with Mary and with his financial advisor, Wendell decided to begin a Designated Fund with his local community foundation. He donated a piece of rental property that was becoming a bother in his retirement. The community foundation immediately sold the property and established the Meals for Seniors Fund. Thanks to this fund, other donors can contribute assets of a variety of types and sizes. "We're thrilled to be working with our community foundation," says Mary. "Meals for Seniors would not have been able to do this on its own."