A Lasting Legacy


Peggy and Ed Gibb always made giving to their community a personal priority. In meetings with their professional advisor, they began to consider including a bequest that would benefit their local community. "Peggy and I care a lot about this town," says Ed. "We wanted to give in a way that would continually help the people who live here." After considering their options, the Gibbs decided to establish an Unrestricted Fund with their local community foundation. The Gibb Community Fund would take effect after they both passed away, leaving a portion of their estate to charity. "By establishing an Unrestricted Fund, we were able to keep our gift from becoming outdated. Community needs change, so we wanted to make sure our gift wasn't too narrowly focused," says Peggy. "Because it's endowed at the community foundation, our gift will make a difference forever," Ed says. "It will grow over time and become a more and more valuable asset for our community. This is exactly the legacy Peggy and I want to leave."